Wakeboarder brings glory to Germany and Malaysia

Ariana doing a flip at the IWWF Europe African Wakeboard Boat Championships.

Ariana doing a flip at the IWWF Europe African Wakeboard Boat Championships.

FOURTEEN-year-old Ariana Eimer from the Australian International School Malaysia is taking the sport of wakeboarding to new heights.

She recently participated in two back-to-back international championships in Europe, one of which was the IWWF German National Championships in Cologne, Germany, where she successfully won third placing in the Open Women’s Category.

She then flew to Italy for the IWWF Europe African Wakeboard Boat Championships and clinched second place in the Under-14 Girls category.

Ariana, who is of German-Malaysian heritage, represented Malaysia in the regional championships, and Germany in the international championships.

She began wakeboarding as a hobby at the age of four, while watching her parents indulge in the sport during the weekends.

Ariana is among the top five in the world in her age group. She achieved this in the IWWF World Championships in Buenos Aires this year, a well-deserved achievement considering her commitment and hard work.

She credits her success to her Malaysian coach and friend, Al Fisal, whom she trains with, as frequently as three to four times a week after school, or on weekends at The Mines Lake in Seri Kembangan, which is also close to her school.

She also practises at the Waterski and Wakeboard World Cup (WWWC) site, located at the Marina in Putrajaya.

Both locations make excellent wakeboarding sites, thanks to their calm and steady waters.

While away on competition, Ariana manages to find time to study and complete assignments, as all lessons are available via Google Classroom.

“As long as I have Internet connection, I am able to see all my lessons online as well as get tips from my teachers.”

When asked if young people should try wakeboarding, Ariana said, “Definitely! Most people in Malaysia don’t choose wakeboarding as their preferred sport, as it looks like a dangerous sport.

“However, the feeling of gliding and flipping on the water gives you a sense of freedom, which is an amazing feeling,” she said.

At Australian International School, Malaysia, students strive to excel not just in the classroom, but also beyond the learning environment. The Australian curriculum enables students to have a holistic education where opportunities to shine are present both in and out of the classroom setting.

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