Don’t write me off just yet, says a determined Ee Wei

Wait for my return: Toh Ee Wei will return to badminton once she is healthy and fit again

Wait for my return: Toh Ee Wei will return to badminton once she is healthy and fit again

KUALA LUMPUR: I’ll be back!

Women’s doubles shuttler Toh Ee Wei has no intention of giving up on badminton just yet despite her bold move to quit the national team.

The 18-year-old, who’s recovering from a chronic sinus problem, insists she would make a comeback as soon as she is healthy again.

“It was a difficult decision (to quit) but I knew I have made the right move because I really need the time to recover first,” said Ee Wei.

“There’s nothing to worry about (my condition), health is my priority before I think about badminton again.

“Once I’m healthy again, I will be returning to court to train and compete again.

“I still love the sport and I can assure everyone that my dream of becoming one of the top players in the world is very much alive.”

Ee Wei has enjoyed an illustrious junior career with her partner Pearly Tan since they were paired up in 2016.

Their partnership blossomed last year when they won the Dutch Junior Open in January in style by defeating Chinese world No. 1 Liu Xuanxuan-Xia Yuting.

Pearly-Ee Wei went on to capture their second title in the Malaysian Junior Open in August and made eight semi-final appearances in 11 outings. Their most notable achievements were emerging runners-up at both the Asian Junior Championships in Jakarta and World Junior Cham­pion­ships in Canada. They also captured the Dutch Junior Open title.

Pearly was saddened with Ee Wei’s premature exit but she saw it coming.

“I was really sad when I first learned ‘Ah Toh’ tendered her resignation,” said Pearly.

“But I was also kind of preparing for the worst when she went for her surgery (in December).

“It’s a shame that our partnership ended this way.

“We have achieved so much together in the junior competitions and we wanted to do the same in the senior ranks.

“But it is how it is and I have to move on.”

When asked what she misses about Ee Wei the most, replied Pearly: “Her high fighting spirit and urge to win.

“Seeing how Ah Toh battles on the court, it’s really inspiring and spurs you on as her partner.

“I really hope I could get a partner with the same characters that Ah Toh has, especially when it comes to fighting spirit.

“Skills can be trained, but being a fighter is a trait that you’re born with.”

Pearly will form an interim partnership with Yap Ling and their first assignment will be at the Laos International Series next week.