Doubly difficult decision

End of the road: Toh Ee Wei (left) has ended her partnership with Pearly Tan due to medical reasons

End of the road: Toh Ee Wei (left) has ended her partnership with Pearly Tan due to medical reasons

KUALA LUMPUR: The promising partnership of national junior women’s doubles pair Pearly Tan-Toh Ee Wei will not bloom any further.

Ee Wei has resigned from the team on medical grounds due to a chronic sinus problem, Badminton Association of Malaysia (BAM) secretary Datuk Ng Chin Chai announced yesterday.

“It’s a disappointing loss for the country. But if she recovers in the future, she may decide to come back,” said Chin Chai after the coaching and training committee meeting at the Academy Badminton Malaysia (ABM) yesterday.

Together with Pearly, the pair excelled to earn a silver medal at the World Junior Championships in Markham, Canada, in November last year.

But shortly after returning from North America, Ee Wei had to undergo a minor nose surgery and has since been unable to join Pearly who is currently on probation with the national senior team at ABM here.

“After coming back from surgery, she had some recurring issues and had initially applied for medical leave. But she subsequently decided to resign,” said BAM coaching director Wong Choong Hann.

National women’s doubles head coach Rosman Razak said it was a disappointing outcome for his department as their partnership was very promising.

“But this is out of our hands and for us, we have to move on. Pearly has joined the national team and her progress is really very good,” said Rosman.

“She can adapt to the training and can do everything asked of her. My focus is now to find a new partner for Pearly.”

Her first assignment will be to partner Yap Ling for the Laos International Series (Feb 19-24) and the Asian Mixed Team Champion­ships or what is now called the Tong Yun Kai Cup in Hong Kong in March 19-24.

Rosman said that the partnership is not yet fixed and Pearly will be given the chance to partner other players in the national team like Anna Cheong, Lim Chiew Sien and Teoh Mei Xing.

“Pearly is a very promising player and I have other players whose levels are about the same, so we’ll try them out at other tournaments.

“We’re looking for the X-factor, so when we feel we have it, then we will fix it. I hope we can find it fast but these players are still quite new and lack exposure, so it will take some time.”

Rosman pointed out that he hasn’t ruled out the possibility that Ee Wei will return sometime in the future.

“As long as she’s still good after she recovers from her medical problem, there’s no reason why she can’t return. I think BAM, me and everyone are open to not only Ee Wei but to any player who’s good.”