Chong Wei-Lin Dan rivalry has improved badminton, says Jorgensen

The Lee Chong Wei-Lin Dan mania in badminton has done the sport good, says Jan O Jorgensen of Denmark.

And given their age, Jorgensen hopes, fans will continue to enjoy the duo’s strong rivalry while it lasts.

If all goes according to form book, Lin Dan and Chong Wei are expected to meet in the final of the World Championships starting today at the Tianhe Gymnasium.

Jorgensen said that for now, Chong Wei and Lin Dan are crowd pullers, but one day he hopes to be in their league by being a great entertainer and show stealer in the game.

“I made my debut in the World Championships in 2009 and throughout my playing years, I have seen how Lin Dan and Chong Wei have made an impact in the game,” said Jorgensen.

“Because of these two show stealers, we have more viewers and there are more people following the game. The money has become better – all thanks to these guys,” said Jorgensen, who also hopes to command great following.

The 23-year-old Jorgensen is already showing the trademark of a great badminton ambassador just like his senior Peter-Gade Christensen.

“I am hoping to create a niche of my own in badminton and hopefully, I will also gain many followers. I believe, I am on the right track,” he said.
Jorgensen is hoping to achieve what Peter-Gade Christensen has failed - win the world title. - IZZRAFIQ ALIAS / The Star

When asked whether he would be able to accomplish what Christensen had failed – which was becoming a world champion – Jorgensen said: “Peter has not won it but came close in 1999. I guess, it was more a lack of luck than anything. I believe that I can do it someday – if not here – maybe when Denmark host the World Championships next year,” he said with a quirky smile..

Jorgensen faces a tricky opener today when he takes on South Korea’s newcomer Lee Dong-keun. If he wins, he will enjoy an easy path to the semi-finals and a clash with either China’s second seed Chen Long or Lin Dan.

“It will be tough as Dong-keun showed great skills during the Sudirman Cup. But if I clear the first round, I can move further,” added Jorgensen, who is determined to make his presence felt after missing the last edition in Wembley due to health and personal problems.


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