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Japan’s wagyu beef looks to conquer the world

With domestic consumption on the decline, Japan’s prized wagyu beef has now become a popular product for export, with exports rising by 200 percent in the past five years.

Top chefs share recipes for restaurant-style CNY dishes

Experienced chefs Tan Kim Weng from W Hotel's Yen and Ric Teoh from Hilton PJ's Toh Yuen share CNY recipes and offer tips and tricks on how to nail each dish.

Incredibly good Chinese food at Rue Ee

Rue Ee serves up a delicious range of Chinese food, like its signature Teochew Shantou fish pot, stir-fried crabmeat with fresh milk and barbecued Iberico pork belly. 9/10 A spectacular selection of Chinese food The good: There is an experienced hand behind the food and it shows in every mouthful The bad: Parking can be a bit tough in the afternoons

Taishan Chinese dishes are her culinary heritage

Home cook Nicole Ho still makes the food that her ancestors used to make in Taishan, China, like stewed lamb with sugarcane, braised chicken with dried mandarin peel and glutinous rice desserts.

Celebrity chef showdown in Kuala Lumpur

Celebrity chefs Nicholas Tse and David Rocco are in KL to film and promote their new cooking show Celebrity Chef: East Vs West.

Japanese inventors stick a 'noise cancelling' fork into the joy of ramen slurping

A Japanese company has invented a fork that masks the traditional noodle-sucking noise one makes when showing appreciation for a great bowl of ramen.

Fish, butterflies float around people as they eat at this restaurant

A restaurant in Tokyo is offering customers an interactive virtual art show along with their meals, which promises to enhance the culinary experience.

A Cantonese feast in KL

Check out Li Yen’s Cantonese feast this Chinese New Year.

The truth about sticky Japanese rice

The Japanese take pride in their homegrown Japonica rice.

Kobe beef, expensive melon among Japan’s latest protected products

A total of seven products including Kobe beef and Yubari melons were added to a protected products list of Japanese geographical indications.