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Watch: The teaser trailer for 'Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker'

Watch the brand new teaser trailer to Star Wars Episode IX, now named The Rise Of Skywalker, the final chapter of this trilogy and also the end of the Skywalker Saga.


For RM500,000, Malaysians can see the Titanic wreckage

For almost RM500,000, you can travel to the ocean floor and behold the Titanic wreckage.


Polar explorer Robert Swan's life mission is to preserve the Antarctic

Polar explorer Robert Swan, through his organisation 2041, has dedicated his whole life to one mission - preserving the Antarctic.

Music Review

'Wildness': A triumphant return for Snow Patrol

'Wildness' is a fantastically ambitious collection of songs, one more direct and intimate than many previous Snow Patrol offerings.


Human Writes: Malaysia is 8th worst in the world for plastic waste

There is a global crisis in plastic waste. And we Malaysians – yes, us – are major contributors to it.


Hero Labrador sniffs out survivor in Taiwan quake wreckage

They were tested in their very first real rescue mission, and these four-legged heroes did good.


Hunt for Chinese admiral Zheng He’s lost treasure ship heats up Indian Ocean

The hunt for Chinese admiral Zheng He’s lost treasure ship heats up in Indian Ocean as military-grade sensing equipment uncovers new clues.

Movie Review

'A Bad Moms Christmas': The three wise women return

'A Bad Moms Christmas' starring Mila Kunis,Kristen Bell and Kathryn Hahn, reminds us that family members bring out the worst and the best in us.


Malaysian Civil Defence officer remembers the JAL plane crash of 1977

One reader remembers the first commercial aircraft crash in Malaysia, a tragedy which left an indelible effect four decades on.


Actress Anne Heche draws from her abusive past for her roles

'The Brave' actress believes the many challenges she went through in life are what makes her a better actress.