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Food News 24 Oct 2018 | 6:47 AM

Love Food Hate Waste: Are food banks a curse on sustainability?

Some claim that redistribution of food allows the public to be sympathetic to overproduction that is an inevitable by-product of the food industry, and this may exacerbate an already difficult problem.

Food News 26 Sep 2018 | 6:06 AM

Love Food Hate Waste: Can Malaysia be a gastro-sustainable capital?

Malaysia is often considered a gastronomic capital of the world. Let’s leverage on this to become a strategic leader in gastronomy sustainability.

Food News 22 Aug 2018 | 7:05 AM

Love Food Hate Waste: From tapioca to tapas

Are we eating better than before? Do we waste more food? Time to take stock to future secure our food.

Environment 25 Jul 2018 | 2:15 PM

Love Food Hate Waste: The many benefits of composting

Coupled with an ever-increasing population and rapid urbanisation, we have produced a generation responsible for very high levels of waste. Discover the huge benefits of composting and how we can all be a part of it.

Environment 24 May 2018 | 12:30 PM

Love Food Hate Waste: Food and our future

Welcome to our new monthly column, Love Food Hate Waste. Here you will find articles, recipes and hacks on how to live sustainably.

Lifestyle 30 Dec 2017 | 7:00 AM

Year of Champions: Feeding the hungry

In just over a year and a half, The Lost Food Project in the Klang Valley has gone from zero to hero, serving up more than 50,000 meals a month.

Travel 08 Nov 2017 | 7:00 AM

Windsor Plaza Hotel: Getting the best of Ho Chi Minh City

Windsor Plaza Hotel offers 5-star experiences to indulge and explore within. But there are interesting options outside, for the more adventurous.

Food News 16 Oct 2017 | 2:32 PM

Why World Food Day matters

World Food Day is deeply meaningful to Suzanne Mooney, founder of The Lost Food Project, who saves food from landfills and diverts it to feed the poor.