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These seniors prove that you're never too old to dive

Too old to dive? Not a chance, say dive instructors Christy Ooi and Loo Kit Choong who aren't planning on putting their fins away anytime soon.

One year on, ‘Wild Boars’ now lead charity race

Mae Sai (Thailand): A Thai youth football team and their coach led a charity race near the Tham Luang cave which they entered exactly one year ago, emerging alive 18 nail-biting days later.

Meet 4 fearless women in adventure travel

Four professional women work to make outdoor travel and exploration more gender-balanced for female travellers around the world.

Shark-bite resistant wetsuit tested

RESEARCHERS at Flinders University in Adelaide, Australia have received government funding to test a new neoprene -- a synthetic rubber commonly used in wetsuits -- against the force of a bite from several species, including the great white shark.

Grannies diving into the deep

Toba: A group of Japanese grannies emerges from a boat returning to shore. Clad in black wetsuits and bubbling with energy, they are part of a dwindling community of ama – freediving fisherwomen.

Maids get free swimming lessons

Hong Kong: Every Sunday in Hong Kong the city’s army of domestic helpers packs into parks or onto pavements, bridges and walkways on their one mandatory day off.

Intrepid Edgley back on dry land after swimming around Britain

MARGATE, England (Reuters) - After 157 days at sea battling storms, jellyfish and whirlpools, adventurer Ross Edgley finally clambered on to dry land at Margate on Sunday to become the first person to swim around the coast of mainland Britain.

Surfing gets a thumbs up in South Korea

South Korea is welcoming more surfers to its many lovely shores.

Why Spider-Man doesn’t wear spandex or high red leather boots in new videogame

Turns out a realistic Spider-Man wrapped head to toe in spandex is not a good look for the hero.