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Employment law for all

From M. KULA SEGARAN, Minister of Human Resources.

Malaysia launches national wage index

PUTRAJAYA: The National Wage Index will be a guideline to measure changes in the salaries of workers in Malaysia, said Human Resources Minister M. Kulasegaran.

Stagnating household income put Aussies in debt trap

SYDNEY: Australians’ average weekly household income grew by A$213 ($170) between 2004 and 2008. Since then, it’s increased by a total A$27.

Rise of 215-sq-ft homes in Hong Kong

HONG KONG: Developers in Hong Kong have built more micro-flats – 215 sq ft or below – in the past four years than any other sized homes, according to official figures, and the trend is likely to continue.

Slow creation of high-skilled jobs

MALAYSIA continues to enjoy near full employment, with jobless rate hovering at around 3% over the past five years.

Let teachers teach but ensure they are well-compensated

PETALING JAYA: Increasing teachers’ salaries and ensuring that they have more time to focus in the classroom are ways to improve the quality of education in Malaysia.

An eye-catching and challenging plan

THE 11th Malaysia Plan had a different feel to it. Presentation of the voluminous document was done in a breezy and easily digestible way with the mass of text in previous editions giving way to clever diagrams and pastel colours splashed throughout the thick book.

11MP: Better wages for Malaysians

PETALING JAYA: In order to reduce wage gaps to improve equity, the Government will introduce a National Wage Index under the 11th Malaysia Plan.