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Malaysians are vacation-deprived and it’s affecting their well-being

Work stresses can take a huge toll on one’s wellbeing – even more so when you are vacation-deprived. The Expedia 2017 Vacation Deprivation Study, commissioned by travel booking website Expedia, reveal that Malaysia is the third most vacation deprived country in the world.


You might need a vacation after watching Vacation

32 years after the original National Lampoon's Vacation was released, a remake has been made for today's audience.


TripAdvisor names top hotels for a family vacation

TripAdvisor's family travel site Family Vacation Critic names the top hotels for a family holiday.


The top-rated vacation rentals in the world

TripAdvisor reveals its top-rated vacation rentals around the world


Vacation-deprived workers

A survey reveals the most vacation-deprived workers in the world.


One-stop vacation home portal for stays in Malaysia is an online marketplace that enables people to find, book and rent vacation homes for a homestay experience in Malaysia.


When a vacation becomes an office away from the workplace

PETALING JAYA: Armed with smartphones and laptops, Malaysian workers are willing to work while on vacation but only if it is an emergency requiring their urgent attention.


Need to work while on vacation? Take a 'workation'!

To encourage workers to take time off, Japanese companies have introduced the workation – which is taking time off during your vacation for work.


7 Game of Thrones look-alike vacation homes

Have a look at some vacation homes that could pass of as location landmarks that are featured in the Game of Thrones


Chris Hemsworth in talks for 'Vacation' reboot

Also ready to join the 2015 film is actor Charlie Day.