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Death of a nation — what it means

IT IS universally accepted that every­­thing has an end. However, there is no broad agreement on what an “end” is and its form or nature.

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A tale of architecture and democracy

When government buildings incorporate elements of representation, accessibility and accountability, people can better appreciate their true role and power in national politics.


UCSI is a ‘global campus’ for University of Arizona

UCSI University is now one of 130 global campuses for the University of Arizona.

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Our country belongs to our children

IN today’s column, I want to talk about a little storybook by Enid Blyton that only now resounds deafeningly in my mind as an important contribution to the idea of nation-building.


Making learning effective

LEARNING becomes more constructive and fruitful when lecturers incorporate real-world challenges and industry expectations based on their experiences, according to students and graduates.

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So much education, so little wisdom

Without reading books and thinking independently, we are merely downloading information instead of actually learning.