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Recurrent urinary tract infection and cystitis

Cystitis after intercourse accounts for 60% of UTI cases.

Delayed ejaculation

Is this condition treatable? Is it common?

Premature ejaculation and antidepressants

Can antidepressants solve the problem of premature ejaculation?

The blue pill turns 20

The oral medication sildenafil used to treat erectile dysfunction and impotence in adult men turns 20 this year.

How straight should men be?

Is it normal to have a curved penis?

Shades of manhood

The colour of the external genitalia and nipples are naturally darker.

Shrinking manhood

Ageing men with bulging belly can notice the defect.

Unfinished business between the sheets

The inability to ejaculate despite repeated sexual stimulation is a form of sexual dysfunction known as anejaculation.

Is oral sex real sex?

The real risk of oral sex causing HIV infection is difficult to study, as most oral sex often leads to penetrative intercourse.

Itchy Balls

Can you please tell me what can be the causes of my itchy balls?