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Curious Cook: Pesticides and other thoughts

Curious Cook columnist Chris Chan examines pesticides on vegetables and fruits and finds out why honey is toxic to babies under one.

Curious Cook: Being vegan and other stories

Humans only need tiny amounts of daily protein but we can’t seem to wean ourselves off meat.

What would you name a beer made from 'toilet' water?

A couple of breweries in Idaho have produced beer from recycled wastewater, and their problem is coming up with names that will not put customers off.

Tracing the origins of bak kut teh

Bak kut teh has a halal Chinese twin in niu pai. Unscrambling their symbols unfurls their tonifying goodness to the Chinese on both sides of the South China Sea, between Quanzhou and Port Klang. But who invented it?

Curious Cook: A time for gut feelings, part 1

As another festival approaches, let’s take a look at what excessive imbibing can do to our insides.

Curious Cook: A saucy tale, part 1

If you’d rather not season your food with cheap, acid hydrolysed soy sauce, learn to differentiate it from a naturally fermented soy sauce.

Roast meats are done right at Boon Signature Roast Pork

At Boon Signature Roast Pork, you’ll see the delicious results of putting a man putting his whole heart into perfecting just a few dishes.

The many faces of Malaysia's laksa - Part 2

In continuing our homage to the not-so-humble bowl of laksa, we travel first to the East Coast, and then take a sea journey to Sarawak.

More are following Caveman diet when ordering take-out

The most popular regime in take-out dining in the United States is the Paleo or Caveman diet, which mimics that of hunter-gatherers.

Unfreezing Iceland's cuisine

Why Iceland’s chefs are breaking out from under the infamy of fermented shark and roasted sheep’s head.