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Affordable cancer treatment for the poor

CANCER is a disease that takes not only a physical toll on the patient but also their finances because of the cost of treatment and medication.

MTAAG+ group seeks better treatment for patients

PETALING JAYA: With many Hepatitis C patients still not getting the latest highly effective treatment, an NGO has urged the Government to increase access to treatment for those at risk.

Free Hepatitis C treatment for all

SELAYANG: Government hospitals nationwide will be providing free Hepatitis C treatment to patients, says Datuk Seri Dr S. Subramaniam.

Insight into wastewater treatment

TO help spread awareness about what happens after you press “flush,” Asiawater 2016 conference organiser United Business Media (UBM) Asia conducted a trip for various press to the Bunus Regional Sewage Treatment Plant in Kuala Lumpur.

Government hospital treatment costs more

KUALA LUMPUR: Patients referr­ed from private hospitals to public hospitals are paying more for cancer treatment and drugs and they are not happy about this.

How good is our sports treatment?

ONLINE EXCLUSIVE: Athletes go to the National Sports Institute for treatment every day. Are they getting the best treatment available?

New affordable hepatitis C treatment

KUALA LUMPUR: A new affordable hepatitis C treatment will soon be introduced in Malaysia, making it possible for patients to receive treatment for the potentially fatal disease.

90% HIV patients targeted for treatment

BALIK PULAU: There are now 96,000 Malaysians confirmed having HIV/AIDS as of December 2016, but only 40% are seeking treatment.

Seeking fair treatment for cancer

ADVOCACY group Together Against Cancer Malaysia (TAC) is calling for a more equitable treatment of cancer patients.

Breakthrough in Hepatitis C treatment

KUALA LUMPUR: In another milestone for Malaysia, a new affordable Hepatitis C combination treatment of which clinical trials have been held in the country, has shown not only a high 97% cure rate but also better efficacy of treating the most severe form of Hepatitis.