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A greener new year

WITH 2013 coming to a close, many people will be preparing their New Year's resolutions. Many will pledge to lose weight, eat healthier, exercise more, spend more time with family, or even work towards that promotion they've been vying to get.

An interesting year ahead

The biggest sporting event of this year is definitely the FIFA World Cup in Brazil.

Up in the air

On airplanes, media frenzies and the cruelty of hope.

A sanctuary called solitude

I recall a former colleague once expressing his love for watching movies in the cinema alone. At the time, as an outgoing person, I could not understand the idea. Today, however, if there were a movie that begged my attention, I would have no qualms doing the same.

Creating my day

Taking a break from the usual routine can be an enlightening experience.

Driving on

Getting in groove being behind the wheel isn't as straightforward as one might think.

Rethinking the city

People-friendly public spaces are key towards a better quality of life.

#CyclingDanger: Wheel of Fortune

In Malaysia, taking to the open road on a bicycle is like a taking a spin on the wheel of fortune. Every time Gary Geoffery dons his cycling attire, he cannot help but wonder if it will be his last day alive.

The Ultimate sport

Many associate flying discs, trademarked Frisbee by toymakers Wham-O, with sun-soaked toss-and-catch sessions on the beach.

Understanding the Federation of Malaysia

What is the Federation of Malaysia? Read here to understand what it is.