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Rice-mad Myanmar eyes healthier diet

While Myanmar has been a rice-eating nation for decades now, the government is trying to change this with a five-year nutrition plan aimed at introducing healthier diets.

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Langit Collective sells heirloom rice produced by rural Sarawak farmers

Langit Collective collects and sells surplus rice produced by subsistence farmers in Long Semadoh, Sarawak, and sells it to consumers and chefs in Peninsula Malaysia.

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Curious Cook: The peculiar case of food allergies

Food columnist Chris Chan discusses why and how people develop allergies to crustaceans, peanuts, eggs and other foods, detailing links to house mites, lack of sun exposure and lack of food exposure in babies.

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Growing Western vegetables and herbs in Malaysia

What started out as a bet for Australian Leisa Taylor has turned into Weeds & More, a thriving business that grows vegetables and herbs typically imported from cold-climate countries right here in Cameron Highlands.

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Curious Cook: The Anthropocene diet – Part 1

How and what we are eating in an epoch defined by the impact of humans on the planet.

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Swedish restaurant ReTaste uses food waste to create delicious meals

ReTaste, a pop-up restaurant in Sweden uses food discarded by supermarkets to create interesting new meals, like air-dried carrots, salmon head emulsion and fermented cabbage.

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Curious Cook: A modern food story – Part 2

Whether at home or in a restaurant kitchen, modern foods are a boon in cooking ... but at what cost?

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Tokyo's Tsukiji market fish market move on track

After years of delays, the process of moving Tokyo’s world-famous Tsukiji fish market is on track.

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Swiss cooks ordered to stun lobsters before boiling

As part of Switzerland’s animal protection laws, its goverment orders electric shock or ‘mechanical destruction’ of lobster’s brain before cooking.

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Curious Cook: Vegetarianism and other dietary tales, Part 4

Curious Cook columnist Chris Chan explores other reasons why we should eat more vegetables and less meat in part 4 of his miniseries on vegetarianism.