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Is extraterritorial legislation a breach of international law?

From HAFIZ HASSAN, Melaka.


In regional geopolitics, context matters

MALAYSIA has not experienced a revolution or a full-fledged civil war in the modern era (although World War II and the Emergency were bloody). We did not wage a violent war of independence against colonial masters. Rather, we underwent a comparatively peaceful and consultative process to determine the institutions, laws and modes of government that were appropriate for us. We have not been the victim of serious economic sanctions, trade embargoes or blockades. We experience few natural disasters.


‘Small allocation for big environmental issues insufficient’

PETALING JAYA: Despite the government’s focus on the environment, the sector emerged as one of the smallest beneficiaries of Budget 2020.


Budget 2020: Allocation for environment sees a dip

PETALING JAYA: The Budget 2020 allocation for the environment sector saw a dip compared with the previous year, leading to questions whether it is enough for the nation to weather the impact of climate change.