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Shisha smoking under fire over health risks

PETALING JAYA: A hookah habit can harm your health, largely due to the many misconceptions about shisha, says Dr S. Dhesi Baha Raja, former assistant state health director of the Maternal and Child Health division at the Sabah State Health department.


Instructions For A Heatwave

Buy it, read it, cherish it, share it with your friends, share it with your book-loving colleagues, share it with random strangers passing on the street, because this will be one of the best books you will read this year.

Movie Review


Yes, it’s strictly gut-level stuff, but Stat-fans will lap it up all the same.


Young adult story wins book prize

It took lecturer five nights and a day to write award-winning story.


Non-word of the year

An ‘Un-word of the Year’ has been annually selected in Germany since 1991. Our columnist looks at last year’s winner and speculates as to what could make the list of a Malaysian version.


The nuts and bolts of love

'Her' avoids tackling the ethics of human-AI romance head on, and misses a chance to really say something about our conception of love.


The water-energy pact

World Water Day 2014 focuses on the deep-rooted relationship between water and energy.


Wonder woman

‘A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle.’


Donald Scott shows off his collection of prizefight memorabilia

Could this be the world’s biggest collection of boxing memorabilia?


Understanding the brain

We take a look at the work being done on that crucial organ, which defines us as human beings.