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Sheltering children from toxic stress

CHILDREN from dysfunctional families are often victims of toxic stress that eventually affects their social life in adulthood.


Turn away that visitor called stress

By Jojo Struys - Different Spin IF YOUR body was like an alarm system, it would be flashing red and pushing the panic button if it saw “chronic stress” show up on its doorstep.


Blissful respite from stress

STRESS is common and it is not always bad. Whenever we race to catch a badly thrown ball, feel especially energetic before an important meeting, or hit the brakes in time just to avoid a car accident, stress is doing its job.

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Help healthcare workers deal with stress, says Niosh

KOTA KINABALU: Tan Sri Lee Lam Thye has urged the Health Ministry to boost efforts in promoting mental health among healthcare workers who deal with occupational stress on a regular basis.

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Managing your holiday stress

IT’S party time and you’re excited to see everyone. But parties also mean a lot of work, and that can mean a lot of stress. If you’re hyperventilating at the thought of the jobs ahead, check out these tips to control your stress levels.


Sweat out the stress

Short workouts can do wonders to reduce anxiety after a hard day’s work.

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Workshop participants learn techniques on managing stress

ALL the money in the world is of no use if you don’t take care of your health and relationships.


Minor tremors help release stress at fault lines

KOTA KINABALU: Geologists are hoping that a series of minor yearly tremors that have been occurring in Lahad Datu will be enough to avert a major earthquake in Sabah’s east coast district.


Group sets up laughter yoga club to beat daily stress

PENANGITES can now laugh freely without reason and not feel like a mad person at the Penang Laughter Yoga Ho Chiou Club.