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Poverty tourism has critics, but rapper Octopizzo says it's got positives

Ending ‘poorism’ in Kenya.


Introducing Saluki, the royal sporting hound

The elegant and adorable Saluki is the supermodel of hounds.


How are we helping the Sumatran rhino suvive?

The unyielding demand for rhino horn in Chinese medicine has drastically reduced the global population to just 87.


Timberland is feeling the blues

The fashion brand looks to the sea for inspiration in designing its latest collection.

Science & Technology

After you die, you can let your body benefit the Earth this way

Conventional ways we treat bodies after death is not environmentally sound. Katrina Spade, an architect has a new idea on how to let our bodies benefit the Earth after we die.


1980s rock band Dinosaur Jr makes a comeback

80’s rock band Dinosaur Jr proves it is still going strong with its 10th studio album.


4 US groups are giving youths a helping hand with hard issues

Sometimes we forget about the children, teens, and those in-between who need extra help and hope. The individuals and volunteers in these four groups are on a mission, and they are making significant progress.


#ItsNotOK?! How companies can create harassment-free work spaces

To tackle workplace harassment in Malaysia, company culture must change from the top down. The #ItsNotOK?! conference aims to facilitate ways on creating harassment-free work spaces.