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TECH 21 Aug 2017 | 7:00 AM

Free speech concerns as extreme-right evicted from web

A sweeping crackdown by US Internet and social media companies on neo-Nazi and white supremacist material has sparked warnings in America that the Web’s grand promise of free speech is on the rocks.

TECH 01 Jun 2016 | 6:02 AM

EU hate speech deal shows mounting pressures over Internet content blocking

An agreement by four major US Internet companies to block illegal hate speech from their services in Europe within 24 hours shows the tight corner the companies find themselves in as they face mounting pressure to monitor and control content.

TECH 19 Feb 2016 | 3:50 AM

Apple likely to invoke free speech rights in encryption fight

Apple Inc will likely seek to invoke the US protections of free speech as one of its key legal arguments in trying to block an order to help unlock the encrypted iPhone of one of the San Bernardino shooters.

Twitter 09 Oct 2013 | 12:23 PM

At Twitter, global growth tests free speech advocacy

When a Brazilian state prosecutor last year set out to silence anonymous Twitter messages that were revealing the location of drunk-driving checkpoints, he served the social media company's just-opened Sao Paolo office with a lawsuit.

TECH 19 Jan 2018 | 4:09 AM

Social media companies accelerate removals of online hate speech: EU

Social media companies Facebook, Twitter and Google's YouTube have greatly accelerated their removals of online hate speech, reviewing over two thirds of complaints within 24 hours, new EU figures show.

TECH 15 Aug 2017 | 7:54 AM

Tech companies in the crosshairs on white supremacy and free speech

The neo-Nazi website Daily Stormer had its Internet domain registration revoked twice in less than 24 hours in the wake of the weekend violence in Charlottesville, Virginia, part of a broad move by the tech industry to take a stronger stance against hate-speech.

TECH 08 Dec 2016 | 2:24 AM

Merkel ally threatens Facebook with fines over online hate speech

A senior German conservative has warned Facebook it could face fines if it fails to act faster to tackle online hate speech.

TECH 22 Jun 2016 | 1:00 AM

Proposals to curb online speech viewed as threat to open Internet

At least a dozen countries are considering or have enacted laws restricting online speech, a trend that is alarming policymakers and others who see the internet as a valuable medium for debate and expression.

TECH 10 Apr 2019 | 4:13 AM

Facebook, Google defend efforts to remove hate speech before Congress

Facebook Inc and Alphabet Inc's Google unit on April 9 defended their efforts to remove hate speech from social media sites amid questions from lawmakers in an appearance before the US House Judiciary Committee.

Technology 01 Jun 2017 | 4:19 AM

Social media companies step up removals of online hate speech: EU

Social media companies like Facebook, Twitter and Google’s YouTube have stepped up both the speed and number of removals of hate speech on their platforms in response to EU pressure to do more to tackle the issue, results of an EU evaluation seen by Reuters.