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Wearable computers a smart fashion trend

The notion of being fashionably smart is getting a makeover as Internet-linked computers get woven into formerly brainless attire such as glasses, bracelets and shoes.


A moment with Hollander

The question had to come and Henry Holland, the 30-year-old rising fashion star who started his House of Holland fashion label from his living room in Ramsbottom, North West England, was more than ready for it.

Movie Review

Captain Phillips

The second movie this year after Gravity that made this reviewer forget to breathe while watching it.


Reel tunes

The Band’s Robbie Robertson called director Martin Scorsese a frustrated musician, with good reason.


Cleansing goodness

Combat skin problems with a good cleanser.


Garmin unveils dedicated fitness and sleep tracker

GARMIN has already created a handful of GPS sport watches and other navigational gadgets, but now, it has announced its newest offering: a dedicated fitness and health tracking band, featuring a battery that lasts a year and hourly motivation to get you up from your desk.


The Seasons 4's age of wonder

Armed with the classic songbook, lyrical romance and more, The Seasons 4 quartet were a delight to watch.


The perfect fit in men's shirts

Men now have the option of purchasing customised shirts with a click of the mouse.


Travel Picks: 10 iconic dishes and where to eat them

Food is a hot topic of debate, but travel website has compiled its selection of 10 of the world’s most iconic dishes and the best places to find them.


Ready for the ride?

Feng shui experts give their take on what the Year of the Horse has in store.