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Massive shark fin haul into Hong Kong dodges global shipping bans

HONG KONG (Reuters) - Two global shipping firms that have vowed not to transport shark fin products inadvertently moved a 40-foot container of the controversial delicacy from Nicaragua to Hong Kong this year, both companies told Reuters.

Hong Kong authorities say seize biggest rhino horn haul in five years

HONG KONG (Reuters) - Hong Kong authorities said they seized 82.5 kilograms of rhino horn and cut pieces worth HK$16.5 million ($2.10 million), the biggest haul in five years, as the Chinese controlled territory tries to tackle growing trafficking in endangered species.

As China pushes traditional medicine globally, illegal wildlife trade flourishes

HONG KONG (Reuters) - Chinese traditional medicine is rapidly expanding worldwide as a key pillar of the country's Belt and Road initiative, but conservation groups say demand for treatments using animal products is driving a surge in illegal trafficking of wildlife.

Group: Ban all shark hunting to protect species

KOTA KINABALU: Sabah’s campaigners against the hunting and finning of sharks are growing frustrated with the slow pace in the implementation of various measures to save the sharks from disappearing from state waters.

Spanish tuna vessel arrested for shark fishing off Gabon

DAKAR (Reuters) - The crew of a Spanish tuna fishing vessel have been arrested off the coast of Gabon for illegally catching sharks without the proper licence and stripping them of their fins, marine conservation group Sea Shepherd said on Monday.

Contest draws attention to plight of sharks

KUALA LUMPUR: To raise awareness and reduce the consumption of sharks and shark fins, Shark Savers Malaysia has organised a drawing competition with the theme “Be A Shark Hero”.

Global experts in Sabah forum to sink teeth into legal aspects of shark conservation

KOTA KINABALU: Top campaigners will gather to discuss shark conservation issues during the Sabah Sharks and Rays Forum 2018 starting Thursday (June 21).

Endangered whale shark fins found in Singapore Airlines shipment to HK

HONG KONG (Reuters) - Shark fins from endangered species including the giant, placid whale shark were found in a Singapore Airlines shipment to Hong Kong in May, highlighting the widespread challenges the Chinese territory faces in regulating the trade.

Motor racing - Red Bull launch new F1 car with temporary livery

LONDON (Reuters) - Red Bull became the first of Formula One's top three teams to lift the covers off their new-look car on Monday, a week before pre-season testing starts in Spain, but kept some secrets under wraps.