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Can sex cause miscarriage?

Sex during the first trimester has often been assumed by doctors to be a cause of miscarriage.

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Is sex good for you?

It is a myth that sex is dangerous. However, the fatality contributed by sex does exist.

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Sex drive

Researchers argue that men have higher sex drive and desire than women.

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Sex after a heart attack

The near-death experience of a heart attack can affect one's sex life.

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How safe is oral sex?

There is a risk of catching or passing a disease during oral sex.

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Is oral sex real sex?

The real risk of oral sex causing HIV infection is difficult to study, as most oral sex often leads to penetrative intercourse.

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Speaking out on oral sex

Is there an unspoken risk when it comes to oral sex?

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How much sex is normal?

Can too much sex be harmful, especially before an important game?

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No mood for sex

Is not having any mood for sex a cause for concern or simply a fact of life for a middle-aged man?

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Too much sex

How much sex is considered an addiction?