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Dear Thelma: My husband won't have sex with me

A woman worries over why her husband does not want to have an intimate physical relationship with her.

Love hurts: Agony aunt 'Dear Thelma' has been healing hearts for 33 years

Back in 1986, The Sunday Star began an advice column in its lifestyle pullout and called it “Tell It To Thelma” – offering tips for all your relationship problems! Thelma promised to pull no punches as she began each of her missives with “Thelma Says ...”.

Born without arms, Zhariff Afandi is still living life and writing about it

Zhariff Afandi, who was born without arms, shares his life experiences in his book 'SOS Surfing Out Stuff – A Book Of Growth & Guidance', which he hopes will guide and motivate readers.

Media influencer Gary Vaynerchuk wants to be his generation's greatest entrepreneur

Motivational speaker and digital entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk a.k.a Gary Vee says we can create anything we want to if we have the passion, the energy, the hustle, and commitment to our vision.

Self-help author Andrew Matthews reads for folks who hate their jobs

Andrew Matthews, one of Australia's bestselling self-help authors, reads from his book 'Follow Your Heart'. This chapter is about the lessons we learn from the disasters we face.

'Of Bromances And Biting Cute Babies': Malaysian book about science of emotions

'Of Bromances And Biting Cute Babies’, by Malaysian university lecturers Eugene Tee and Tsee Leng Choy, takes readers into the science of feelings, thoughts and behaviour.

Tina Seelig attempts to think outside the box in 'Creativity Rules'

In 'Creativity Rules, author and Stanford University lecturer Tina Seelig shows how you can use creativity in any area of your life, including in the business world.

Britney Spears: My stage persona is a healthy way to battle shyness

As Britney Spears prepares to get back on stage with her 'Piece Of Me' tour and for another Pepsi campaign, she opens up about who the real Britney is in private.

‘12 Rules For Life’ helps you create order out of the chaos of your life

Jordan B Peterson's '12 Rules of Life' offers a no-nonsense guide to find order and direction from the chaos that life often provides.