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Lifestyle 05 Jan 2014 | 4:00 PM

Captivity ordeal

Documentary on captive orcas spurs backlash against theme parks.

People 14 Jan 2014 | 6:25 AM

South Korean star Clara oozes sex appeal

Reigning queen of Korean sex symbols finds herself a subject of intense scrutiny.

Lifestyle 15 Jan 2014 | 10:45 AM

Prize-winning Argentine poet Juan Gelman dies at 83

The winner of top literary honour is also known for his strong criticism of military regimes.

Living 21 Mar 2014 | 7:30 AM

State-owned Chinese crafts chain drops controversial ivory sales

A state-owned Chinese retail chain has suspended sales of elephant ivory after a series of high-profile seizures of smuggled ivory in Hong Kong and protests by conservation groups drew growing attention to the trade.

People 20 Apr 2014 | 4:00 PM

Rwandan Genocide widows still struggling to live again

The trauma lives on for the women who survived the Rwandan Genocide.

Living 27 Apr 2014 | 4:00 PM

Horseshoe crabs: Another species in distress

Over-harvesting puts horseshoe crabs in danger.

Living 04 May 2014 | 4:00 PM

Sun bears: At home in the forest

At a rescue facility in Sabah, sun bears, once kept in cramped cages, now get to live the way they were meant to.

Arts 19 May 2014 | 3:27 AM

H.R. Geiger: Dark side of the mind

Surrealist artist and set designer HR Giger's chest-bursting monster in the 1979 film Alien gained him worldwide acclaim.

TV 04 Jun 2014 | 4:00 PM

All hail the new prince on 'Game Of Thrones'

Pedro Pascal, the latest key player in 'Game Of Thrones', has left a big impression on fans of the series.

Living 08 Jun 2014 | 4:00 PM

Party on – by order of the junta

It’s time to watch the Royal Thai Army sing and dance – for a change.