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Malaysian man to paddle his way through the peninsula coast for a cause

Hari Raju will embark on a solo kayaking journey of over 2,000km along Malaysia's peninsula coast to raise awareness about our fragile shorelines.


New research quantifies what’s causing sea level to rise

A new paper finds that sea level rise is about half due to melting ice and half due to ocean warming, including 13% from the deepest oceans.


A Malaysian snail goes extinct; over 22,000 other species on the brink

Fishing, logging, mining, agriculture and activities to satisfy our growing appetite for resources are pushing wild species towards extinction.


Rare plants in the Everglades under siege, struggling against extinction

Many plants which used to flourish in South Florida and now are barely clinging to existence in the Everglades and nearby protected areas.


Unprecedented: David Ray Griffin paints bleak picture of our climate crisis

David Ray Griffin’s examination of climate change is not just insightful, but also a call to action.


Families forced apart and the children are suffering

Climate change in the Sundarbans in India force many parents to leave their children to look for work. Now the children are suffering from neglect and depression.


Earth in uncharted territory on global warming

Life on Earth threatened as greenhouse gases hit record levels.


Could melting ice be slowing down Earth's spinning?

Melting ice sheets or glaciers from climate change may be slowing the Earth's rotation slightly. But the impact may increase as the planet warms up more.


Rising sea levels will reshape the world if we don't act now

Antarctica meltdown could double sea level rise.


Safeguarding the wetlands of Setiu

Setiu Wetlands in danger of being carved up for plantations, farms, mines and aquaculture ponds.