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Love Food Hate Waste: The rising tide of unsustainability

Columnist Suzanne Mooney discusses how unsustainability can cause lots of things, including rising sea levels and less seafood.


Human Writes: We’re not seeing the big picture in climate change

Our focus is wrong, the big stuff is getting overlooked as we head inexorably towards climate chaos, says Human Writes columnist, Mangai Balasegaram.


Scientists unravel the mysteries of the Salish Sea

Endangered orca whales exclusively eat chinook salmon. And the chinook eat a forage fish that is known as sand lance. If this forage fish disappears, the salmon will disappear.

TSOL - Environment

Dr Teh Su Yean: Using Mathematics to address an environmental problem

Dr Teh Su Yean, a recipient of the 2017 L’Oreal-Unesco Awards: National Fellowship, wants to build a mathematical model to study effects of climate change.


A huge iceberg has broken off from Antarctica, why we should be concerned

A large chunk of ice has broken off in the Antarctic. Scientists are worried about further breaks that may alter sea levels.


Climate change: The bad news in numbers

Life on Earth is already changing – and not for the better – because of climate change.


It's really heating up: Greenland loses 1 trillion tons of ice in 4 years

Greenland ice loss has recently contributed to twice as much sea-level rise than in preceding two decades.


Safeguarding the wetlands of Setiu

Setiu Wetlands in danger of being carved up for plantations, farms, mines and aquaculture ponds.


Rising sea levels will reshape the world if we don't act now

Antarctica meltdown could double sea level rise.