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Food News

Malaysian culinary school now part of prestigious French alliance

It is now part of the prestigious alliance that shares skills and expertise of culinary schools worldwide.


Old school cooking the way mama intended it

This mum swears by her mother’s way of cooking and immortalised the recipes for her next generations.

Food News

This website teaches you how to cook for Hollywood stars

Chef to the stars Wolfgang Puck has set up an online cooking school and hopes to encourage healthy eating with tips, recipes and how to’s.

Food News

Cooking The Books: From decadent pastry to smart food, tonics and teas

This month’s cookbooks draw inspiration from a historic cooking school and society’s obsession with healthier living.

Food News

Cooking for everyone

A host of books for beginners, Instagrammers, and Top Chef wannabes.

Eating Out

Pak Daud’s ‘mee kari’ hits the spot

Food Trail finds the noodle dish's gravy just like the one served in school canteen in the 70s.

Food News

Philippine cooks take over the world’s kitchens

Cooking schools in the Philippines are churning out tens of thousands of chefs a year for kitchens around the world.

Food News

The Niks have the knack for cooking

Though he’s all grown up and married to boot, celebrity chef Nik Michael Imran still takes his cues from his father.

Food News

Traditional Chinese meals mixed with Nyonya favourites for Chinese New Year

Home cook May Goh still serves the Nyonya dishes she learnt how to make as a teenager like jiu hu char and acar, at her annual Chinese New Year gathering.

Food News

Culinary student shows he's got the chops

Culinary students pitted their skills against each other at the 9th Nestle Professional Culinary Arts Award.