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Crime-tracking tools could point to new mineral reserves

Striking gold used to be a matter of luck, but tools used to track criminals, diseases and social networks could soon uncover vast troves of valuable minerals


Chinese high-rollers moved stolen Bangladesh millions to Philippines: witness

Two Chinese men were responsible for moving US$81mil (RM323.86mil) stolen by hackers from Bangladesh’s foreign reserves into Philippine casinos, an inquiry in Manila heard on March 29.


Why has my Facebook account been disabled? What you can do

Facebook reserves the right to disable suspicious accounts – in some cases without warning. However, users of the social network can lodge an appeal against account suspension through an online form.


Apple’s dilemma: what to do with US$256bil cash pile

It is a sign of Apple’s success but also a thorny problem: its cash stockpile has hit a staggering US$256.8bil (RM1.11tril), sparking debate on what do with such massive reserves.


Rangers try gaming technology to protect African wildlife

The campaign to track down poachers and protect endangered species in Africa's embattled reserves is tapping into the technology used in the virtual world of online poker and other computer games.


Bangladesh heist exposes Philippine dirty money secrets

When mystery hackers launched a stunning raid on Bangladesh’s foreign reserves, a plot worthy of a John le Carre spy novel was sparked in the Philippines, exposing the South-East Asian nation as a dirty money haven.


RIM lives to fight again

RIM reported a narrower-than-expected loss and the struggling BlackBerry maker bolstered its cash reserves.


Google sees spending US$30bil buying foreign firms

Google told US regulators that it could spend as much as US$30bil (RM96.24bil) of its offshore cash reserves on buying foreign companies or technology rights, it emerged Wednesday.


Silicon Valley venture capitalists raise more money, give less away

Venture capitalists are raising money at the fastest rate in a decade, raking in about US$13bil (RM52.53bil) in the first quarter of 2016.


Libra's technical features are not what's exciting: opinion

Libra is a work-in-progress. Its whitepaper describes aspirations, not technical design.