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Dragon veins

In the first part of a new series on feng shui science, DR ONG HEAN-TATT suggests that underground water channels and aquifers may have electromagnetic charges that could be the source of I>qi/I>, the invisible energy that is tapped by feng shui masters.

DOE looking for Sg Maunad’s source of pollution

TheB/B>Sabah Department of Environment is trying to locate the source of pollution of Sungai Maunad in Sabah's east coast Beluran district where some 7,500 residents have raised health concerns over water quality.

Preparing a property for sale

I HAVE always found it amazing how a house can be listed in the market, have a small number of viewers in the first few days and then a concluded sale shortly, while another similar house in the same vicinity languishes in the market for months. It may be luck, but in our experience, preparation is everything, and owners#146; participation is crucial to make that sale.

Tracing the dino's drinking habits

Did dinosaurs prefer Perrier, Evian or plain river water? They might not have had the expensive advertising campaigns to help them choose, but dinosaurs were loyal customers, and single minded about which kind of water they drank.

Quenching a thirsty continent

Water is a resource likely to have more impact on the world#8217;s future than even the Iraq war, said activists at the just concluded World Water Council#8217;s third World Water Forum in Kyoto. Half the world#8217;s population may not have enough of it by 2025. Small wonder then that the bottled water business is so attractive. Nowhere more so than in dry Australia, writes ILSA SHARP from Perth.

When geography is fun

It#8217;s a worldwide trend that#8217;s finally arrived in Malaysia: geocaching. STEPHEN BOEY discovers that it#8217;s not just about finding out where in the world you are, but also the journey to that spot #8211; and the good food and wonderful sights along the way.

Groups insist on apology from minister

MORE than 120 Chinese associations in the Federal Territory and Selangor have demanded an apology from Culture, Arts and Tourism Minister Datuk Paduka Abdul Kadir Sheikh Fadzir despite his clarification that he had not accused Malaysian Chinese of not loving the country.

Dealing with diesel


Tracking water

Scientists are using isotope hydrology to monitor water resources in order to save every drop, writes LOUIS CHARBONNEAU.

City Hall evacuates 1,200 families

Some 1,200 families were evacuated from four areas in the city at the height of the massive floods in the Klang Valley on Tuesday.