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AseanPlus News 03 Jan 2003 | 12:00 AM

Royal fans concerned over Akihito's health

B>TOKYO:/BThousands of Japanese turned out for the Emperor#8217;s traditional New Year#8217;s public appearance yesterday, and some expressed concern about the health of the 69-year-old monarch, who was diagnosed with cancer last month.

Business 11 Jan 2003 | 12:00 AM

Contra trading - its attraction and affliction


Lifestyle 12 Jan 2003 | 12:00 AM

Bliss in the city

In that classic children's story. 'Town Mouse and Country Mouse', a city rodent visits his cousin in the 'ulu' and vice versa. Both end up hating each other's lifestyle because it's so strange and different and neither can wait to get back to what they are used to. The classic tale suggests we are all creatures of habit and familiarity, and that pulling up one's roots and replanting them in a new environment is next to impossible. But a young couple and a retiree who exchanged one lifestyle for a completely different one offer a new take on the simple tale. REENA GURBAKSH finds out why a country mouse bolted for the city and why a town mouse headed for the hills.

Lifestyle 12 Jan 2003 | 12:00 AM

Love was beautiful ?

From 'Braces@all'.

Lifestyle 18 Jan 2003 | 12:00 AM

Are you in balance?

The most obvious symptoms of digestive problems are bad breath, ulcers, heartburn, flatulence, constipation etc. The root cause of these diseases remain a mystery. It is here that the age-old science of ayurveda offers insights.

Lifestyle 18 Jan 2003 | 12:00 AM

Still the diva

Sharifah Aini is one of Malaysia#8217;s most recognised entertainers. After 35 years in the business, she will release her 77th album next month, followed by her swansong album in August. In an exclusive interview, the First Lady of Song explains why she will retire in three years when she turns 50!

Nation 19 Jan 2003 | 12:00 AM

‘Make Thaipusam a federal holiday’

People attending the Thaipusam celebrations at Batu Caves here are urged to join a signature campaign to declare Thaipusam a federal public holiday.

Lifestyle 21 Jan 2003 | 12:00 AM

Plural marriages

Khadijah from Kuala Lumpur writes in to provide a clearer view on the much discussed issue of polygamy in Islam.

Letters 21 Jan 2003 | 12:00 AM

Iraq war will affect the whole world, not just US

From RAGUN, Petaling Jaya

Nation 24 Jan 2003 | 12:00 AM

Bomoh’s wife: Princess sought cure for spells

Raja Nor Mahani Raja Shahar Shah, the wife of the Raja di-Hilir Perak, sought the services of a I>bomoh/Iinvolved in the murder trial of her husband's second wife to help 'strengthen her marriage' and rid her of 'black magic spells,' the High Court heard yesterday.