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Postpartum depression is real, though not often recognised

Struggling new mothers need to reach out for help, as we mark May as Postpartum Depression Awareness month.


Overcoming social stigma of postpartum depression

Seeking help for postpartum depression begins with recognising that having mental health issue is not a character flaw.


Actress Hayden Panettiere battles postpartum depression

US actress and Nashville star Hayden Panettiere has checked into a treatment centre for postpartum depression.


Postpartum depression: She killed herself after their first baby

They got pregnant so easy, the pregnancy was easy too. Their daughter was born and life was too good to be true. Six weeks later she committed suicide.


Baby blues vs postpartum depression: A guide for new mums

While not as serious as postpartum depression, having the baby blues makes first-time mothers of a newborn feel irritable and moody too.


Postpartum depression at a glance

POSTPARTUM depression can happen to any woman, regardless of age, race, ethnicity, culture or education. It doesn't matter whether you are a new mother or a mother to a few children, or whether you are married, or not. As long as the following factors are present, you will be more vulnerable to developing the condition.


Overcoming postpartum depression the natural way

Overcoming the baby blues


Going through postpartum depression twice

Bridget Emily Mowe writes about going through postpartum depression after both her children were born and trying to get help.


Hormone may predict postpartum depression - U.S. study

CHICAGO (Reuters) - Spiking and sinking levels of a hormone that prepares a pregnant woman for the strain of childbirth may hold the key to why some women suffer postpartum depression, researchers said on Monday.


More than baby blues

Sometimes, the sadness mothers feel after childbirth can be more than just baby blues. It could be postpartum depression.