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Police need intercept tools as mobile networks develop: Europol

European law enforcement agencies set to lose the ability to tap criminals' mobile devices with the launch of 5G technology must be brought into discussions earlier when communications networks are modernised, the new head of Europol told Reuters.

Singaporean man confesses to going on Dark Web to hire hitmen to kill ex-mistress’s new boyfriend

A Singaporean risk management executive has pleaded guilty to one charge of intentionally abetting murder, after he confessed to going on the Dark Web to hire a hitman to kill his former mistress’s new boyfriend.

Leaked video exposes how patient data in Hong Kong public hospitals can be accessed by any user without needing a password

Public hospitals in city already under fire over concerns leaks led police to arrest those injured while protesting against a contentious extradition bill. Software developer says A&E program carries huge risk and was built with an ‘intentional back door’ that allows anyone to access data while leaving no trace.