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12 days to explore the ancient wonders of Egypt

If you have 12 days to explore the mummies, statues and other ancient wonders of Egypt – the last standing monument of the seven wonders of the world – this is probably how your trip would go.

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How does your favourite fast food rate for antibiotic use?

IN a new scorecard that ranks American fast food chains on their antibiotic policies, KFC showed the biggest improvement over the last year and Chipotle and Panera Bread came out on top.


Remember playing these fun traditional games?

As part of Star Media Group's Malaysia Day campaign, we look at simple activities that children can enjoy while learning about the country's history and culture.


Don’t tell the kids, pinball machines teach science

California’s famous Chabot Space & Science Center is holding an exhibition of pinball machines - and it isn't just fun and games.


Inspiring: Mothers who take care of their families and run a business

Work-at-home mothers run their own businesses and homes.

Food News

Pizza Hut's special pizza has a gold topping

For the high-rolling Super Bowl fan, Pizza Hut is launching a pie topped with RM420 worth of edible gold.

Food News

Subway makes move to switch to antibiotic-free chicken

The restaurant chain has announced plans to serve antibiotic-free chicken across its US restaurants by 2016.

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Customers vote for their top fast food chains

Chick-fil-A outranks stalwarts such as McDonald’s and Pizza Hut in a new ranking of customer satisfaction.

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Hot dog pizza invades the US

Americans are finally getting their own version of Hot Dog Bites Pizza.

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KFC taps SNL alum to bring Colonel Sanders back to life as part of rebrand

Chain wants to reclaim top spot as retailer of fried chicken.