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Fixed phone calls in Japan drop below 50%t of all calls

TOKYO (AP) - Mobile phones are gradually making land-line telephones a thing of the past in Japan.


Georgia wants to stop free phone calls for the poor

ATLANTA: Georgia on Tuesday became the first U.S. state that will begin charging low-income residents $5 per month for cell phone service now provided for free by federal taxpayers


Why the change of heart to reduce cost of phone calls?

YESTERDAY was a dramatic day for players in the telecoms industry. And the lobbyists must have been keeping themselves busy.


Airlines look at new phone devices for the long haul

FRUSTRATED that you can't make cell phone calls during flights? Here's some good news - the use of cell phones on board commercial aircraft is gradually becoming more acceptable during flight hours. In fact, several airlines have already allowed it and more are expected to follow suit.


Overseas calls at half the price

Malaysian Internet users will be able to make international phone calls at about half the rate local telecommunications providers charge through a service provided by a US-based company.


Free long-distance mobile calls?

So long as there is a Wi-Fi hotspot within certain distance, Malaysian mobile users would be able to make long-distance phone calls for free or at discounted rates from end-August.


Gold scarcity takes shine off Deepavali

In India's biggest bullion market, Mumbai's Zaveri Bazaar, gold dealers are busy – not filling orders for customers, but busy avoiding phone calls because they don't have any gold to sell.


Strong debut by Citic 1616

Shares in Citic 1616 Holdings Ltd, a Chinese firm that connects international phone calls, rose as much as 76% on their Hong Kong market debut as investors tried to tap the world's largest telephone market by users. The stock rose 68% to HK$4.34 as of 11:52am.


Ascot Sports says its system down for maintenance, upgrade

Ascot Sports (IOM) Ltd, owner and operator of the sportsbook,, says it is not taking bets either online or over the telephone, phone calls to the company on Thursday evening and yesterday morning revealed.


eBay agrees to buy Skype for US$2.6bil

EBay Inc, the largest online marketplace, agreed to buy Skype Technologies SA for US$2.6bil in cash and stock, adding 50 million users of software for making phone calls over the Internet.