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Celebrity doc disciplined for controversial hormone therapy

A US doctor, who has treated celebrities like Cindy Crawford and Suzanne Somers, was disciplined for using controversial hormone therapy to treat menopausal symptoms.


Jane Fonda, 80, on her new movie, hit TV show and her sex life

Jane Fonda is 80 years old and she's still up for new challenges, including her new movie 'Book Club' and her hit TV series 'Grace And Frankie'.


When a woman reaches midlife...

The time during which a woman makes the natural transition to menopause can be a trying one.


Women in their 40s need to know about this traditional Chinese treatment

Gua sha, a traditional Chinese treatment is found to give some relief to women going through perimenopause.


Good boss, good office can really help women going through menopause

An understanding boss and a good work environment can help women who are experiencing symptoms of menopause, says study.