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A zoologist talks about life among the wilds

Dr Lim Boon Liat's contribution to knowledge in wildlife and parasitology is duly recognised.

Malaysian man to paddle his way through the peninsula coast for a cause

Hari Raju will embark on a solo kayaking journey of over 2,000km along Malaysia's peninsula coast to raise awareness about our fragile shorelines.

Best romantic hotels in Malaysia

Have you made any romantic plans for Feb 14 when Cupid reigns? Here’s some hotels you might want to get jiggy in.

Maude Phipps goes from cosmos to genomes

Maude Phipps, a professor of human molecular genetics, has gone on to become one of the leading geneticists in the country. And her interest in science simply began with a TV documentary.

Hmmm, a Malaysian book that everybody should read?

Malaysian writers, playwrights and artists tell us about local literary work more people should know about.

Take a road trip with guidebook from PLUS

Stop by R&Rs and pick up a copy of the English edition of travel guidebook ‘Jom Singgah!’ from PLUS Malaysia Berhad.

Radiation therapy for breast cancer

Developments in radiotherapy for the treatment of breast cancer.

Her son’s eczema inspired her to create an anti-inflammatory moisturising cream

Frustrated with the lack of effective moisturisers for her son’s skin condition, a Malaysian scientist and her students developed their own moisturising cream filled with natural anti-inflammatory ingredients.

6 off the beaten (jungle) trails in Malaysia

If you want to try something different on a hike, Malaysia offers some remarkable jungle and mountain trails.

To save the Malayan tiger, poachers could be shot on sight

Malaysia’s Wildlife and National Parks Department is on the front lines of the struggle to stop poachers and smugglers from driving our wildlife into extinction. Its director-general speaks exclusively to The Star about measures he is taking to stem the tide.