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Celebrity hacking clouds Apple's upcoming product launch

Apple Inc has often displayed uncanny timing, with its well-orchestrated end-of-year iPhone releases. But the leak of racy celebrity photos in the past few days put the company in the unusual position of having to mend its image just days before a highly anticipated Sept 9 product launch.


Health wearables and PAs: Gartner forecasts top consumer tech trends

The research and consultancy company has been gazing into its technological crystal ball to forecast how current trends will start changing how we live and work in years to come.


US consumers warm to wearable tech, Europeans cooler: study

Consumers are warming to the idea that wearing a computer on their wrists or clothing may not be the fashion faux pas that early clunky prototypes led many to fear, with 2015 poised to be a breakout for the much-hyped trend, a new study has found.


4G comes to the Channel Tunnel

Eurotunnel has announced the availability of 4G coverage throughout the Chunnel, the underwater passage connecting the UK and France, starting Friday, Dec 12.


Parents concerned about smartphone use by kids

Until now, few studies have tackled the question of how technology is affecting family life and new research says parents wonder if their children would be better off without the mobile devices that have become ingrained in the daily regimen.


‘Syrian Electronic Army’ members face hacking charges

US authorities unveiled criminal charges against three members of the so-called “Syrian Electronic Army,” which gained notoriety for hacking into news media outlets and making bogus social media posts.


Charlie robot new best buddy for kids with diabetes

Cheeky's new knee-high buddy Charlie robot can expertly measure his blood sugar and count carbohydrates in a glass of milk.


Social media faux pas in 2016: The annoying, the bad and the ugly

Social media can be a dark and twisted place, full of your high school friends cranking out their seventh kid and your aunt spouting horrifying political beliefs.


‘Quadrilateral Cowboy’ named IGF 2017’s champ

Comedy and computer hacking combine in Quadrilateral Cowboy, which was one of two double winners at the 2017 Independent Games Festival and the evening's Grand Prize recipient.


Here starts courting app makers

Here, the automotive industry-owned mapping and location services company is launching a new set of tools that will let any developer easily build and launch an app that needs location-specific features.