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Child psychologists: Uphill task for Indira to care for nine-year-old daughter

PETALING JAYA: M. Indira Gandhi may have regained legal custody of her daughter Prasana Diksa following the Federal Court's landmark decision on the unilateral conversion of children on Monday, but if and when she gets her daughter back she is likely to face an uphill task integrating the nine-year-old girl to a different way of life.


Let’s protect our educators

Agreeing that a code of ethics protecting teachers, must be in place, civil society and parental groups offer their suggestions on improving the National Union of the Teaching Profession’s (NUTP) draft proposal.


Torn and traumatised

When a marriage crumbles, children inevitably become victims and end up having academic, emotional and social problems.


When the bond breaks

ALIENATED children tend to face problems in school.


Split by love and spite

GROWING up with divorced parents, Anne Soo*, 33, recalls her mother trying to “brainwash” her by saying negative things about her father.


Parental alienation leaves bitter taste

Hurt people hurt others, especially in divorce cases and custody battles. And, if speaking ill of their once significant other half is bad, goading their children to do the same is much worse. The law, however, is silent on ‘parental alienation’.


Torn between two parents

Divorce is never easy on anyone, especially the children. But if one parent is alienated from the children by the other, should it be defined by law as a crime?


Terrible limbo for children and parents

DESPITE a divorce with “no major conflicts”, Jeff’s two-and-a-half-year custody battle with his former wife rages on.


Life-long scars for kids

LOW self-esteem, self-hatred and depression.


Fewer women opt for STEM

PETALING JAYA: It appears that Malaysian girls are not aiming to break the STEM glass ceiling yet.