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If you think there's no way the visually impaired can play golf, think again

These young, visually impaired golfers are thriving in their game, building self-confidence along the way.

'Conscious travel', the new trend among sustainable tourism adventurers

Youth-focused Contiki Holidays has four new “conscious travel” packages for Europe 2020. As part of these tours, travellers aged from 18 to 35 will gain fresh perspectives on sustainable tourism while giving back to the communities they visit.

Dear Thelma: Frustrated with a man who can’t let go of his 'ex-wife'

Being with a married man who is waiting for his divorce to come through is a big challenge for "Confused And Stressed" because the man still refers to his "ex-wife" as his "wife".

Dear Thelma: I’m an adult but my mum still wants to control my life

Thelma helps two daughters having issues with their mothers: "Harassed" says that whatever she wants to do, she has to ask permission from her mum, while "Adopted Daughter" is terrified of her mum who scolds and hits her, and she wants to run away from home.

Getting supermarket shoppers to stop relying on single-use plastic bags

Tesco Malaysia's Unforgettable Bag campaign is helping to persuade its customers to stop using single-use plastic carrier bags.