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Are you a bad parent?

Are you a bad parent because you once lost your child in the shopping mall? Or are you a bad parent for letting your child skip school because she was at a party the night before? How about for not putting your son in a child car seat? Are you a bad parent because you once lost your child in the shopping mall? Or are you a bad parent for not putting your son in a child car seat? These are very real scenarios that happen to the best and worst of parents. How do you know if you are a bad parent?


Is your spouse a bad parent?

The definition of a bad parent is very subjective. It could be someone who neglects, abandons or abuses his children. Or it could even be a parent who provides financially but isn't there emotionally or psychologically for the children. If your spouse does not support you as you think he or she should, read on.


Are you a weekend parent?

Do you find yourself struggling to be a good parent because you only see your child a few hours a day and mostly on weekends? Are you a weekend parent? Get some tips on how connect with your child within that short time.


The iConnected parent needs to learn to let go

Hyper-parenting continues when the kids go to college. 'The iConnected Parent' is great for parents of tweens and teens - find out what not to do as your child enters secondary school and eventually goes to college.


Britain plans world's first go-ahead for "3-parent" IVF babies

LONDON: Britain is planning to become the first country in the world to offer controversial "three-parent" fertility treatments to families who want to avoid passing on incurable diseases to their children.


Daily Mail parent in talks with private equity for Yahoo bid

New YORK: The parent company of the British newspaper, the Daily Mail, is in talks with several private equity firms about a possible bid for Yahoo Inc, the Wall Street Journal reported on Sunday.


Parent for a day

Satnam Sandhu shares his experience of being a parent for a day and teaching his nephew a lesson on taking things that don't belong to him.


Cops: Don't link arrest of parent to Seri Pristana canteen issue

SUNGAI BULOH: Police urged the public not to link the arrest of a parent of a student at Sekolah Kebangsaan Seri Pristana to the canteen issue at the school.


Parent and children team up in unique golf meet

PARENTS and guardians played an important role in contributing to the combined scores in the inaugural SportExcel Parent-Child Golf meet at the Monterez Golf and Country Club in Shah Alam recently.


Sobey's parent Empire Co to buy Safeway Canada for C$5.8bil

TORONTO: Empire Company Ltd, parent of Canada's No. 2 grocer Sobey's, said on Wednesday it is acquiring the Canadian arm of Safeway Inc. for C$5.8 billion ($5.70 billion) in cash.