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Stopping illegal wildlife trade means engaging local communities

Engaging local communities in stopping the wildlife trade means providing them with alternate sources of income that does not depend on the jungles where they live.


To save the Malayan tiger, poachers could be shot on sight

Malaysia’s Wildlife and National Parks Department is on the front lines of the struggle to stop poachers and smugglers from driving our wildlife into extinction. Its director-general speaks exclusively to The Star about measures he is taking to stem the tide.


Pangolins, the most trafficked mammal in the world, could go extinct

Did you know that pangolins are the most trafficked mammal in the world? Stop eating its meat and using useless meds based on its scales!


Wild, fantastic beasts lurk in 'Creatures Of Near Kingdoms'

Writer Zedeck Siew and artist Sharon Chin collaborate on a beastiary of imaginary South-East Asian creatures.


Stop buying pangolin scales – you’re killing them off

The pangolin species is being decimated by the demand for its scales, yet there are alternatives that are safer and not as harmful to the planet's threatened species.


Malaysia, an unfortunate transit point for illegal trade

Malaysia's KLIA air cargo terminal and a port in Sabah are being used as transit points for illegal trade in pangolin scales.