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Bako's bountiful beauty

Still footloose and fancy-free at the age of 62, Penangite A.R. AMIRUDDIN found himself admiring the beauty of nature at Bako National Park in Sarawak.


Jailed for having scales of pangolins

A medical hall operator was jailed for six months by a magistrate#8217;s court Tuesday for illegal possession of 313.7kg of dried pangolin scales.


Yes, jail the wildlife offenders

From XUISIN of Malacca


Researchers: Civet cat likely source of SARS

B>HONG KONG:/BThe coronavirus that causes SARS has been traced to the civet cat, a wild animal that is considered a delicacy in southern China, researchers here said yesterday, hailing the finding as a major breakthrough.


Guangdong to hunt out civet cats - possible SARS source

B>GUANGZHOU:/BSouthern Guangdong province Saturday issued an all points bulletin on the endangered civet cat, most recently determined by medical scientists as the likely source of the SARS epidemic.


USM to study if SARS linked to civet cat

Universiti Sains Malaysia plans to study the link between the civet cat and Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS).


Websites for word lovers

THE vocabulary of English is dynamic. We constantly shift the meanings of phrases, blend together existing words or parts of words, and borrow from other languages or spheres of activity in order to keep pace with an ever-changing world.


Pangolins in trouble

The pangolin may wear a suit of armour but that has not prevented it from ending up on dinner plates and medicinal stores, writes STEPHEN HOGG.


Eating animals to extinction

China's insatiable appetite for wildlife has put many of South-East Asia's species in hot soup, literally. Besides being fair game for gourmands, animal parts are also much sought after for medicines and tonics in an increasingly affluent society steeped in the traditional belief that exotic fare endows the consumer with added social status and sexual prowess.


A pool of information at Bota Kanan Tuntung Centre

Have you ever wondered where all the terrapins that are sold in pet shops and released into ponds in Chinese temples come from? Many kids have no idea of the origin of their pets.