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Group provides free medical checks for folk in Prai

RESIDENTS of Prai and its surrounding areas received free medical examinations, thanks to the Nativity Healthcare team of the Saints Chastan and Imbert Catholic Church in Chai Leng Park, Prai.

Acupuncture aids couples wrestling with infertility

Acupuncture is a popular complementary therapy for women undergoing assisted reproductive treatment to help them get pregnant.

Check your gestation hormone

The female hormone progesterone plays several key roles in a woman’s anatomy.

Apps give Facebook sensitive health and other data: report

Several apps are sending sensitive user data to Facebook, including health information, without users’ consent, according to a report by the Wall Street Journal.

Sexless marriage

STF: Feelings of hurt, neglect or poor communication are the three most common reasons for the dampening of sexual passions.

Do you suffer from severe pain and abnormal periods?

If a woman suffers from pain during their periods and has trouble conceiving, but tests reveal nothing wrong with her, it could be endometriosis.

7 ways to boost your fertility

How can you and your partner improve your fertility and chances of having a baby?

Sexual guide to fatherhood

How often should one have sex to increase the chances of pregnancy?

New study: Eating more fish = having more sex = getting babies faster

Couples who eat more seafood tend to have sex more often and may find it easier to conceive a child, reports a new American study.