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EPF: It’s never too early to start saving for retirement

The EPF’s advisory services are always on hand to help members, at any age, plan and save for their golden years.


Dear Thelma: I think my younger colleague is attracted to me

She is flattered that a younger coworker is giving her a lot of attention, but is it all innocent?

Food News

UberEATS launches in Singapore

UberEATS has launched in Singapore, the app's first Asian market.


Talking to someone about your suicidal thoughts can help

THESE days, Befrienders Kuala Lumpur do not only answer calls from those in distress.


RTM to push for free screenings of 2016 Olympics

The event and more shows will be coming to RTM viewers.


Facebook takes blame for breaking Facebook

Facebook users around the world couldn’t Facebook for an hour on Jan 27 because of Facebook. Oh.


Get organised and have time for yourself

Useful tips and strategies to shave minutes off daily tasks.


My, look how much the WWW has grown!

A virtual birthday shoutout to the Internet, which turns 25 today.