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Fond memories of a dinosaur BRAT

It was his experience as a BRAT that influenced his career choice, reminisces NIKI CHEONG who joined the programme in 1995 aged 16.

Little sacrifice goes a long way

If you are still not convinced that you should get involved in community work, then be supportive of your friends, writes NIKI CHEONG.

Hot like the Pussycat Dolls

It's highly difficult to ignore the Pussycat Dolls these days, a group that has broken into the charts and now look set to take over the globe. NIKI CHEONG met these attractive ladies in Bangkok.

Aiman Asmawar is over the moon

Meet Aiman Asmawar, the Malaysian you're going to see a lot more of on MTV Asia, says NIKI CHEONG.

Backstreet Boys still here

With their first studio album in fiveyears, the Backstreet Boys seem to havereappeared and are about to take theworld by storm. But how long are they init for this time, wonders NIKI CHEONG, ashe speaks to band member HowieDorough in a phone interview fromFlorida.

The fortunate one

J.D. Fortune's life has pretty much gone into rock 'n' roll overdrive since he bagged the INXS lead singer job. He tells NIKI CHEONG about the big touring months ahead.

Things are going to be more outR.AGEous

R.AGE is making a comeback with exciting things in store for its readers. The hip youth pullout by I>The Star/Ireturns with a blast on Monday, bringing a new zest to campus life.

R.AGE returns with a bang


R.AGE to storm into three states on Monday

Loaded with goodies, two Red Sorentos are set to storm into universities and colleges in Penang, Negri Sembilan and Malacca on Monday to mark the debut of R.AGE, I>The Star's/Iyouth pullout, in these states.

Stuff of dreams

Watching a three-hour award show like the Grammies at home can get tiring, but it's really no different live. NIKI CHEONG experienced the world's biggest music awards show first hand last week in Los Angeles.