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Baby blues vs postpartum depression: A guide for new mums

While not as serious as postpartum depression, having the baby blues makes first-time mothers of a newborn feel irritable and moody too.

No more isolation and bath bans

Shanghai: Yoga class starts shortly, the pristine massage centre is open for business and cheesecake is served on a platter of pastries and fruit.

Injury wrecks Williams' audacious French title bid

PARIS (Reuters) - American Serena Williams' audacious attempt to win the French Open for a fourth time ended in crushing anti-climax on Monday as injury, rather than an old foe, forced the 36-year-old to admit defeat at Roland Garros.

Gifts for new mums from Red Crescent

THE Malaysian Red Crescent Penang Island District handed out hampers to new mothers at the Penang Hospital maternity ward to celebrate World Red Crescent Day.

Education new mothers on importance of good hygiene

DISINFECTANT and soap brand Dettol aims to reach out to 100,000 new mothers under its New Mums Programme this year to educate them on the importance of good hygiene when caring for their newborn.

Social enterprises by women, for women

These women started their social enterprises to give mothers the avenue to work from home.

Why modern parenting costs more

Millennial parents are spending much more on their children than their own parents did, but there are other ways to invest in your children's future.

Metro Watch

TRAFFIC MATTERS: There will be a continuation of slip road closures at Exit 702 and Exit 703 (Kajang-bound and Kuala Lumpur-bound) at the Cheras-Kajang Highway from Feb 16 to Feb 28 from 10pm to 5am

How can stuffing someone in a bag, help with aches and pains?

A new therapy where people are being wrapped up in a large swaddling cloth is gaining interest in the Japanese capital.

Fire forces mothers, weak from giving birth, to save themselves

JOHOR BARU: New mothers, exhausted and weak from having just given birth, were put through a harrowing ordeal when they were forced to fend for themselves after fire broke out at the Hospital Sultanah Aminah.