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Communication for the connected generation

MALAYSIANS between the ages of 15 and 40 are now digitally-astute 'netizens'. Many of them have become message creators, carriers, and communicators in a re-mix culture via social media.


Personalised nature of the web likely to change

Time magazine's choice for person of the year in 2006 was telling for the changing nature of how many people live: It was 'YOU,' or netizens who have used websites such as I>YouTube,/II>MySpace/Iand I>Wikipedia /I>to create the content that is shaping how people watch, read, and communicate.


Mail on the go

CONSUMERS are often creatures of habit, but Jiang Zhixiang, chairman of six-month-old e-mail provider SoShare Online, believes he can tame the beast of routine. His mission is to entice netizens away from the comfort zone of their old and familiar e-mail services to explore a new, mobile alternative.


Malaysia is the most vulnerable country to internet scams in this region

KUALA LUMPUR: An Internet Scams study shows that the top three scams in Malaysia are ‘work from home’ fraud (30%); internet auction scams; (22%) and online dating scams (20%).


Internet no longer niche media

With 10 million active users in Malaysia, the Internet can no longer be considered a niche media, said Universal McCann managing director Gaurav Bhasin.


Indonesia to move capital city, may take 10 years like Malaysia

JAKARTA: Indonesian President Joko Widodo has decided to move the capital of Southeast Asia's largest economy away from the crowded main island of Java, the planning minister said on Monday.