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The Madman’s Daughter

A young adult fiction author takes a stab at re-imagining a classic.


A female investigator goes after some bad guys from Scandinavia.

Mystery Girl

In 'Mystery Girl', author David Gordon introduces a failed experimental novelist named Sam Kornberg who finds work as an assistant to a private detective.

Psiko Pencuri Hati

The film chronicles the efforts of crime novel writer O. Sidi (Bront Palarae, of Bunohan fame), who suffers from obsessive compulsive disorder (get it?) and who’s trying to finish his latest novel, which is inspired by a real-life serial killer the press has dubbed “Psiko Pencuri Hati” (which roughly translates as the “psycho thief of hearts”).

Closed Circuit

This thriller feels simplistic and stale at the same time.

John Grisham's 'A Time To Kill' on Broadway

The best-selling novel – which was made into a film in 1999 – will soon be seen on stage.

You'll be ensnared

The Mousetrap has stood the test of time for a reason: the clever plot keeps you guessing.

Shining festive fare on TV

There's loads of fantastic TV programmes for everyone to watch during the Deepavali holidays.

Nothing charming about this reboot

If orange is the new black, then witch is the new vampire as the spell-casting, broomstick-riding, cat-loving ladies are suddenly TV’s supernatural archetype du jour.

'American Horror Story' gets a Season 4

The TV horror series’ popularity keeps on rising.